Kalyna Review

Lisha Garcia

A New Vocabulary


I want to be the gentle gnaw on apple skin

leaving a brown mark on yellow flesh – still delicious;

more than just bread crumbs on pink lips

more than a passing light on stones

to warm their hardness.

A Kokopelli flute

playing silhouette against

an orange harvest moon.


I want to add purple and teal as primary colors,

explain why I am as out of place as a Degas

in a Warhol Gallery, a gypsy

who turns the iron nails of each day

into love for the discordant.


I want to be a love nude

unblemished, without scissor scars

a word trail in my wake

that outlasts the mediocrity of gray.


I want to be the sound in an un-tunable

tuning fork; the creator of a new green

satchel of notes and verbs

that vibrates beyond the dreams

of a lavender jacaranda blossom

who kissed the sun

and then fell asleep on green grass.


About the author


Lisha Adela García is a poet who has México, the United States and the land in between in her work.  She has an MFA from Vermont College in Writing and currently resides in Texas with her beloved four legged children. Lisha has a chapbook entitled, This Stone Will Speak, from Pudding House Press.  Her book, Blood Rivers, from Blue Light Press of San Francisco was a finalist for the Andrés Montoya Prize at the University of Notre Dame.  Lisha recently placed nationally in the Bodine-Brodinsky Prize from the Connecticut Poetry Society for her poem, A Woman’s Hands in a Time of War. She also has a Masters in International Business from Thunderbird for the left side of her brain.